Achieve your first home with
a $2000 Deposit


There has never been a better time to buy your first home.

Markets around the world are down, and we want to help you capitalise on that. Interest rates in Australia are at a record-low, so capitalise today!

There is a window of opportunity for first home buyers right now, and we want to help you take advantage of this time, and turn your dream of owning a home, into a concrete reality.

Who is Altohaus?

AltoHaus is family-first. We are a grass-roots, family-owned and operated business.

We started AltoHaus to help families achieve their dream of owning their first home, first investment property, first slice of paradise – a place they could proudly call their own.

We got into this business as a family, upset and motivated by a system that was punishing everyday, hard-working Australians who were more than capable of paying a mortgage.

Disillusioned by a failing system, we set out to make the home-ownership dream a reality, for as many people as possible. This is what motivates us, and this is what gets us out of bed every morning.

Build Your First Home With $2000 Deposit

We’ll guide you through the finance and the construction, and we’ll be holding your hand until the moment you get your keys to your brand new home.

We’ll handle all the nitty-gritty stuff in between, so all you have to do is fight over how many display cushions should go on the bed, or where you want to park that boat!

  • $2,000 in savings
  • Full-time, Part-time or Casual employment
  • A 6-month rental history
  • A clear credit history

How are We Different

We wear our hearts on our sleeve and pride ourselves on integrity and transparency.

There is no, “muck-around” when you deal with us, a spade is a spade, and we’re always going to try our very best for you, every step of the way, and at all times.

Beyond this, our group has worked exceptionally hard to build trust and alliances that will almost guarantee your finance.

In a world where obtaining this is becoming increasingly harder, we’re pretty proud that we’re able to offer you this level of support.

You are Not a Number Here

Our no BS approach what drives us to show up every day is the real and genuine people who reach out to us, and who in no time at all, become apart of our family and apart of our fulfilment in this line of work.



Helping First Home Buyers is where our team experiences the
highest levels of joy.

This is why we started AltoHaus, this is where our passion comes from.

We want to be your champions!

We want to help you get your foot in the door to owning a house that isn’t just bricks, walls and
concrete – but a dream come true, a place that makes you smile inside. This is your home.

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